Thursday, February 27, 2014


I did a sketch Dailies!  WOO!  Jem is one of those things I remember from my childhood but I think I was a little too young to really get it.  I just remember thinking she was cool and I needed pink hair.  Pronto.

Check out Sketch Dailies!  They are super cool!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Royal Jelly

I started taking a Character Design class over at Animation Collaborative with Chris Sasaki and Daniel Arriaga a couple weeks ago.  It is so much fun!  We are working on a story called Royal Jelly.  The story involves a worried mother a baby who isn't eating and a father who is CRAZY into bees.  He decides to give their baby royal jelly and it starts turning her and himself into bees.  Totally trippy, right?  Gotta love that Roald Dahl!

Anyways, this week we were assigned to try designing in a medium we have never used before.  In class we explored using magazine cutouts which was so interesting to me that I decided to continue to explore it in my homework.  So here is some of my work.  Hope you enjoy!