Monday, October 17, 2011

I've Missed You!

It's been so long since my last post! Getting ready to move back to San Francisco, furnishing my new apartment, and now very demanding classes has had me super busy for the past couple months. So to make up for it I'll put some extra into this blog and put up the rest of the art from multiple days in my character design class. First is my homework from our week on animals. We had to pick one animal and draw various versions from realistic to anthropomorphic. Obviously I picked one of my favorite animals, a fox.

The next week we had to pick a movie that had not been animated and do a character line up of four characters (including the hero and villain of the movie), plus a turnaround of one of the characters. After much debate I finally chose the Mummy Returns. The characters I chose were of course Rick, Evelyn, Imhotep, and then my favorite character Anck Su Namun. She is just so sexay! So as a result she became my turn around.

The next week of class we had to pick a fable that had never been made into a movie. If we wanted we could use a story we had made up. Being that at the time I was in a group of three for my thesis and we were debating between two stories, I chose one of those as my “fable”. This was a story called Jeirra, about a world where people live on massive creatures, and traditionally cast out their children at the age of thirteen to find their own animal to live and grow with. We were to do a line up of at least four characters and a turn around of our favorite.

For the next few weeks we worked on the process of character design in a professional setting.We had to do a character profile, references, thumbnails, variations and turn arounds of our final character. So I chose the main character of my thesis group’s second story, Lantern. It was about a girl whose mother has died, and she is not able to let go. Eventually she winds up following her mother’s spirit into the Spirit world and so learns to come to terms with her mother’s death.Unfortunately a member of our thesis group backed out and we had to revaluate our stories due to the new lack of animators. As a result we have a brand new story that I will begin sharing with you soon.

Outside of class I try to participate in as much as I can. Last year I began doing visual development for a group animation. And again unfortunately, like many animations made outside of class, it too fell apart. But I sill have some fun character designs to show for it. And it involves a Yeti, which I flipping love.

Well that’s all I have for now! Sadly due to my heavy workload this semester there will be very little updates on this blog in the coming months. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in a few thesis updates soon!