Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Painting Of the Year

2011, you've been a pretty good year. And art wise I feel I've grown a lot this past year. So here's hoping that 2012 will be even better!

This painting was inspired by the blog of two of my favorite artists, Emily Carroll and Vera Brosgol, called Fashion From Old People. On their blog they create paintings inspired by vintage fashion they find online. Being that I ADORE fashion from throughout the ages I found this process to be very inspiring for me as well.

The coloring for this one was definitely an experiment for me (as you can probably tell from watching the video). When I draw I tend to draw with the intention of being flat, but when I paint I lean heavily on 3D rendering and struggle to keep it simple. I feel just a plain flat color doesn't work for me and always winds up looking plain so I try to add texture (usually water color or paper). Anywho, that's one of my goals with this painting journal is to find a quick flat painting look that works for me. Hopefully I will find that in the new year!

Original Sketch

Progress Video

Monday, December 26, 2011

Nord the Twinkly

A little late, but better late than never! The second painting in my painting journal (obviously meant for Christmas) is the portrait of Nord the Twinkly who I assume is a very important elf to have a portrait of himself. I forgot to record the end of the process but I got a lot more than last time, so progress! Merry day after Christmas!

Original Sketch

Process Video

Friday, December 23, 2011

Painting Journals

Hey all! Of course let me start out with the regular sorry for lack of posts! My last semester was insanely busy! But I've had a few guilt trips about neglecting my blog so I've been determined to update it. I have plans for my winter break to regularly practice my digital painting by taking scans of doodles from my sketchbook and updating/painting them. So I decided to try and make this a regular blog thing as well to kill two birds with one stone! I'll be including the initial sketches, the final paintings and as often as possible a video of the painting so I can look back at my process and learn from my mistakes as I go on. For my first one I did a mermaid that color wise felt a little holiday-ish to me. It's not really finished I guess but I kind of got myself stuck in a corner where I didn't really know what to do next to it so I figured I'd move on and come back o it later if I could think of what to do. The video isn't the whole process because I kept forgetting to do it but hopefully I'll remember better in the future. Hope you enjoy!

Original Sketch:

Painting Video: